Top 8 Practical Applications of PHP and Steps to Carve a Career in the Field

To sum it up, it takes a lot of time to be, hmm let’s say, intermediate in PHP. So, if you want to store your web application to a web server, you must be sure that the web server has support for your programming language. PHP has support for almost all of the web servers today. This back-end coding language can be used to develop websites, e-commerce sites, and applications.

why learn php

Over 70% of the web uses PHP as their server-side programming language. Today, there are millions of internet users and every second they require something from the web servers. Especially for critical web applications like banking, security and governmental applications, speed is crucial. So, the servers and the programming language on the servers have to be really fast. With the release of PHP 7.x, PHP became 3 times faster than before. The table below compares PHP with other back-end languages.

A built-in library tool called PDFLib can be used to generate and manipulate PDF files using PHP. This helps in creating an online invoicing system where we can create an HTML-driven invoice in PDF file. Also prominent among applications of PHP is its use to manipulate images. The different formats of output images can be jpeg, gif, wbmp, xpm, and png. This is an essential prerequisite for creating robust websites and web applications. Choose a PHP tutorial that suits your learning style, and you can master PHP without having to pay for expensive college courses at all.

At Treehouse, we believe that learning doesn’t have to be a hassle. This is why we’ve designed Tracks to help you learn PHP with ease and speed. PHP has been around since 1994 and, over time, has gained popularity due to its simplicity, ease of use, and extensibility.

How to Print the Value of a Variable in PHP

They work like variables, but they are attached to the object, once it’s instantiated from the class. The public keyword is the access modifier and sets the property to be publicly accessible. PHP is often called a “scripting language” and it’s an interpreted language. If you’ve used compiled languages like C or Go or Swift, the main difference is that you don’t need to compile a PHP program before you run it. Payment systems always need to be integrated well into small websites using CMS, and many of them use PHP.

why learn php

I don’t think that the numbers mentioned above will drastically decrease near future, but it’s decreasing. I believe that PHP will live for decades to come, it’s because of many factors, WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla to name a few. It’s used to build a simple and also very complex website. Thank you for reading through this introduction to the wonderful world of PHP development.

This performs a shallow clone, which means that references to other variables will be copied as references – there will not a “recursive cloning” of them. We’ve seen how to define properties and methods that belong to the instance of a class, an object. Protected properties and methods can be accessed from within the class and from child classes. Private properties and methods can only be accessed from within the class. That’s to say that you can invoke a method from outside the class.


A very important part of any programming language is how you write comments. PHP is a programming language that many devs use to create Web Applications, among other things. It’s the language that powers WordPress, the widely used content management system for websites. After you get a handle on basic app design patterns, you What is Full Stack Developer can start worrying about the most effective languages/frameworks for particular microservices and such. Paired with frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, or Code Igniter, PHP is easy to work with. PHP also supports a wide range of databases such as MySQL, PostGreSQL, Mongo, Oracle DB, DB++, Paradox, Ingres, and many more.

  • Visit Simplilearn to learn more about how to get hired as a PHP developer.
  • Programs are made up of parts that can be written separately and then assembled to form a complete program.
  • Cost-efficient — developing and shipping a PHP-based project is very low.
  • JSON is a portable data format we use to represent data and send data from client to server.
  • Object-Oriented PHP courseWant to build your own website from nothing?

It can teach you to copy how the experts do it while giving you room to add your own touches and experiment. This course teaches you not just PHP but JavaScript and MySQL, all from absolutely nothing. You’ll make a Spotify clone using your new skills as it walks you through every step of the journey. PHP Courses on CourseraWant to learn from universities without having to actually go to college? Some are free, but many do have a fee you’ll need to pay to enroll. Deploy your application to Kinsta – Start with a $20 Credit now.

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Which is very easy to Learn and Write and we all love how simplified python is and how easy is to write code in it. Try an interactive tutorial on W3Schools or When learning a new skill like PHP, it can often be more convenient to read an e-book because they’re readily available online. Unlike other social media sites, YouTube tends to highlight the most popular videos, rather than the most recent ones.

why learn php

While PHP may not be as popular as some programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, or Python, it is responsible for powering almost 78% of all known websites. This includes websites for well-known organizations like Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress. One of the hardest parts of web development is learning the multiple languages required to build a website. PHP is an easy language to grasp, and it’s a great start before you dive into more complex web languages like HTML,CSS, SQL, and JavaScript. TreehouseTreehouse offers thousands of courses on its site for a monthly fee, with over thirty PHP courses to study.

Try an Interactive Tutorial

It was invented in the late ’90s, and its many uses have kept it relevant to this day. The Net Ninja’s free PHP tutorialIf you want to build your own website from scratch, here is the perfect video playlist. Using PHP and MySQL together, you can build a fully functional website with a database and learn how to code all sorts of functions like forms and data validation. These videos are excellent and you’re sure to learn a lot from them. If you’re a total beginner to coding, seeking PHP tutoring from a PHP developer may be a helpful supplement to self-teaching.

It’s also designed with security in mind, and includes many features to help you write secure code. Yes, it’s possible to write insecure code using PHP, but that’s true of any language. Learn to write it properly, and your code will be as secure as any other language. There is no single “right” next step after learning PHP code — and some could argue that you’re actually never done learning it, as the language is constantly evolving! Once you’re comfortable with PHP, you’ll be able to build dynamic websites .

PHP is a programming language that has a relatively simple but versatile syntax, making it a great starting point for beginners. However, you might still be overwhelmed by the thought of implementing PHP code for the first time. When learning PHP, it can be very helpful to have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, so my recommendation is to start with that. Prior knowledge of general programming concepts (e.g., functions, arrays, loops) can also be helpful, but is not necessarily required.

Thus, PHP offers a host of possibilities, from creating simple websites to highly complex systems like virtual stores and online management platforms. CodeacademyDo you learn best by diving right into programming? Codeacademy is a totally free resource that teaches through code rather than with just video or text tutorials.

How to Use HTTP Headers in PHP

If you’re learning WordPress too, keep an eye on what people are using with it. PluralsightPluralsight is a source of premium computer science and technology lessons. For a monthly fee, you get access to video courses as well as learning paths that can build you up to certain career roles, or even get you certified. If you fail, it’ll let you know where you went wrong, just like a real code compiler.

For dates, it’s common to use libraries that offer a lot more functionality than what the language can. We haven’t talked about this yet, but there’s a file in your server configuration that decides a lot of things about how PHP runs. In development mode it’s common to log PHP errors directly into the Web page, but also in an error log. Magic methods are special methods that we define in classes to perform some behavior when something special happens.

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